At Dean Castle Country Park

The theme for the AWiPP installation at Dean Castle Country Park was based around the slogan “Remember the dead, fight for the living” which is the slogan of the International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) Organisation.

Artist John Crosby worked with 13 pupils from St Joseph’s Academy, to create the circular buff coloured sandstone seat with the slogan ‘Remember the dead, fight for the living’.

13 stone blocks that create the circle are carved on the outer vertical surface with quotes and images developed by the young people from St Joseph’s.

The concept of the artwork is to add weight to and create greater awareness of the IWMD slogan, via a project with a local school to investigate the theme of health and safety at work. The project linked in with pupils’ studies of the history of British trade unions, worker’s rights and issues of globalization.

At the commemoration/inauguration ceremony on April 28 2012, a maple tree, the national tree of Canada, where the IWMD organisation was founded, was planted in the centre of the grass within the Ring Seat.