Time Capsule at the Dick Institute

Our prized contemporary art gallery, museum and library the Dick Institute, has a secret hidden deep within it's walls.

Amidst a program of renovation and improvement in 2006, workmen discovered a large glass jar whilst replacing stonework. The jar, a time capsule itself from 1898 contained a variety of objects including newspapers, money, football programs and a copy of the gift deeds of the building, granted to the town of Kilmarnock by Robert Dick.

Although the container could not be salvaged it's contents were put on show and are now being conserved for the future.

Rather than let the story end there, it was decided that a new time capsule should be created to take the place of the broken glass vessel previously housed in the walls of the public building.

The new time capsule, which is made from a non-corrosive metal, will last into the future and contains modern equivalents of the contents retreived from its original glass counterpart.

Copies of the daily newspapers, football programs for Kilmarnock FC, Comic books and Images on CD of the building itself all await the next unearthing of the Dick Institutes time capsule.