East Ayrshire boasts a range of habitats from the red sandstone gorges at Ballochmyle to the southern uplands of the Loch Doon area and the diversity of these habitats supports an amazing range of species.

It has internationally notable sites including the Muirkirk and North Lowther Uplands known for its wealth of upland birds and plants. East Ayrshire is home to animals such from the Hen Harrier through to the Arctic Char with a rich variety of species in between.

While the value of activities such as tourism and recreation for the economic development of the area is recognised, it is essential that we continue to protect the quality of the landscape so that this and future generations can enjoy the rich and diverse habitats and species which exist in East Ayrshire today.

Ayrshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP)

The Ayrshire Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership brings together a range of sectors to work together to agree priorities for the area. Key bodies within the partnership are the three Ayrshire local authorities, the Ayrshire Joint Structure Plan Team, East Ayrshire Woodlands, the Scottish Agricultural College as well as a number of national conservation organisations.

A plan to protect and conserve the unique species and habitats in Ayrshire has been developed and can be downloaded.

Ecological surveys

Our Countryside Rangers work with the partnership responsible for the implementation of the Ayrshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan and are involved in a number of annual and one off ecological surveys to maintain accurate records for the area. These surveys include:

• Raised bog surveys

• National bird atlas

• National badger monitoring

• Ayrshire water vole surveys

• Butterfly recording

• Owl pellet analysis

If you would like to take part in local biodiversity monitoring or have recorded any species of interest in your local area please get in touch.

Contact Dean Castle on 01563 554743