Brian Whittle Visits Stewarton Walking Football Club

The Stewarton Community Sports Hub introduced Brian Whittle, MSP for South Scotland, to the sport of walking football last week. Brian took on the local walking football club in a friendly match at Stewarton Sports Centre on Friday, 12 May.

The visit was coordinated as part of Stewarton Community Sports Hub’s purpose to encourage the local community’s health and wellbeing by developing sporting infrastructure. Brian was eager to learn more about walking football and to engage with the local club, both due to his personal sporting background and as Scottish Conservative spokesperson for health education, lifestyle and sport.

“It was a pleasure to be able to take part in the walking football match with the regular players. It’s a fantastic way for people who want to be active and get a bit fitter, to get involved in a team sport without needing to be particularly fit to begin with,” said Brian Whittle, MSP for South Scotland. “One of the biggest barriers to getting fit is lacking the confidence to start; activities like walking football are a perfect antidote to that. I’d encourage anyone who’d like to get a bit fitter to visit their local sports centre and find out what classes are on offer.” 

Though walking football is a modified version of the sport, designed for those aged 50 unable to play traditional football, it is shown to improve both physical and mental health. During his session at Stewarton Sports Centre, Brian’s fitness tracker showed that he burned an impressive 589 calories in a 45-minute game.

For timetables and information on walking football sessions across East Ayrshire, click here.