A Wooded Land Exhibition

Did you know, Ayrshire, along with most of Scotland’s landscape, was at one time dominated by woodland?

A wooded land is the latest exhibition to be shown in the Dick Institute’s North Gallery. The exhibition is FREE to view and will be on display until Saturday 26 August.

The activities of the earliest humans to live here, began a process which was to significantly reduce this woodland coverage. By the eighteenth century, Ayrshire was to a great extent a treeless environment. The determination of landowners to reverse this decline and improve the productivity of their properties led to planting, which through time, produced the landscape which we recognise today.

Trees enhance our surroundings and confer environmental benefits. Beyond this, there is a story to be told as to how trees throughout history have provided us with useful raw materials, being exploited as a fuel, serving as structures for our buildings and being crafted into many everyday objects.

This exhibition features paintings and artefacts from our own collections which reflect our relationship with our wooded landscape.


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