Volunteering at Dean Castle Country Park – something for everyone

Dean Castle Country Park has contributed to the overall growth in volunteering in East Ayrshire, which previously had one of the lowest rates in Scotland. The country park has built up their volunteer programme and now boasts volunteer visits at over 600 since the start of the HLF programme. The programme has given the park a resource of committed and passionate people keen to champion the park’s wildlife and get stuck in doing practical things to help this cause.

Some of our volunteers have contributed their stories to this article which Volunteer Development Co-ordinator Jess Wharf submitted to the Countryside Jobs Service website. They have one thing in common; they started volunteering in one volunteer role and became drawn into all sorts of different aspects of the park. This feels like the key to success in conservation volunteering both for volunteer managers and for volunteers: offering or seeking the chance to grow outside of an initial role and expanding skills and interests to keep them coming back. For volunteers, this is the path to the broad skill-base that this sector demands and for those of us lucky enough to be already working in the sector, we get to spend our time with dedicated and enthusiastic people ready to help whatever the task in hand.

Read the full article here.

Join our volunteer team at Dean Castle Country Park or just have a go on one of our conservation volunteering holidays: email Jess at jessica.wharf@east-ayrshire.gov.uk