Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile.

Further to this quarter's Staff Recognition Awards we thought one of the nominations was so inspiring it was worth telling the whole story.

Back in January we received an email from a young lady who had attended the Liam Dolan show with three of her friends. Being from Barrhead, the girls were unfamiliar with the area and after leaving the theatre, they couldn't find their way back to the railway station so made their way back to the theatre. 

Irina Reid who was on duty checked the bus timetable and directed the girls to the bus station; however feeling uneasy about how late it was and feeling the girls were already quite distressed and would be vulnerable changing buses once they arrived in Glasgow, Irina sought them out at the bus station and although the girls were reluctant to accept, insisted on paying for a taxi to get them home safely.

We then received a further email from the mother of one of the girls thanking Irina for her kindness and also asking to reimburse her for the cost of the taxi. 

Andy Gale who looked into the matter told us - "when I contacted Irina to get more detail, her response was typical - and I quote her email" 

"The show over ran and the girls missed their train, I tried to get them buses but it was all rather complicated so I decided to get them a taxi, it was midnight by this point and I'd already finished the show report. Sorry for leaving you uninformed! 

I don't want the money returned, I chose to help. I would hope someone would do the same if it was my kids. I would rather they spent their money on a positive experience at the theatre."

Understandably Irina was chosen as the winner in the ‘Going The Extra Mile’ category and received the usual £50 prize - I don't want to embarrass her further by again mentioning her generosity, but I've since been told that she has donated the prize money to her favourite charity which supports children with autism.