Friends Reunited

After fifty-two years, two childhood friends have been brought back together at Stewarton Library’s Chit Chat group.


Margaret Lampard was returning library books when she noticed the group enjoying their weekly session of tea, coffee and chat. Overhearing discussion of her native Glasgow, she joined the friendly gathering and began chatting with an unfamiliar woman. “It was the usual who are you? where are you from? The usual interrogation.” said Mrs Lampard. She was amazed to discover that the person in question was Frances Hutchinson, the girl she had grown up next door to in the Thornliebank suburb of Glasgow. “Our pram’s sat side by side,” said Mrs Hutchinson, “We never knew a time when we didn’t know each other.”  Their last meeting had been in 1963, both living for a spell in London and elsewhere before settling in Stewarton.

Following the surprise reunion, the friends have picked up where they left off, meeting regularly at the library and beyond. Memories have been shared, recalling the games of Cowboys and Indians when big brothers would tie them to fence posts, and the day they became child runaways. As Mrs Hutchinson tells it: “We fell out with everybody and ran away. We went all the way down the back road to Pollokshaws. When we came back not a soul had missed us!”

Stewarton Library’s Chit Chat group takes place every Tuesday at 2pm, led by Val McAulay, who describes the meetings as “a place to have a blether and a cuppa and a chance to make new friends.”

For more information tel: 01563 553670