Seven Year Old’s Model added to Museum Exhibition.

A young man with an interest in military history was so inspired by his visit to the Waterloo 200 exhibition that he created his own exhibit.

Seven year old Euan Davies visited the exhibition in Dean Castle with his family and impressed staff so much with his knowledge on the subject they were delighted when, later in the year, Euan returned with a model he’d made.


Euan’s mum Michelle said “Euan has developed a love for military history from his grandfathers.  Both of his grandparents served in the forces in their youth. David Jack (from Kilmarnock) was a Royal Highland Fusilier and Gordon Davies was a Coldstream Guard. Euan, through his grandparents, has developed a love of military history and with the help of his grandad Gordon, recreates battlefields with models.

Last year, on the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Euan attended the re-enactment in Belgium with his grandad.  Later in the year, and on a family visit to Kilmarnock, I noticed that the Dean Castle was celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  We decided to visit the castle and the exhibition that afternoon. Euan was delighted to see the artefacts of Waterloo that are held in the castle and delighted to see that Kilmarnock itself had contributed to the 200th anniversary of the battle by recreating the French Standard that Charles Ewart captured.  More fascinating was that one of these Standards was sent to Waterloo for the re-enactment. Euan knew that it was a Scots Grey Sergeant that took the French Standard at Waterloo but was excited to find that the Scots Grey was a local lad and that Kilmarnock had great ties to the battle. Euan enjoyed his visit and on returning home he asked his grandad to help him create a model of Charles Ewart obtaining the French Standard. He was keen to recreate the scene and to contribute to the exhibition.”


The exhibition curator Linda Fairlie said “Euan had gone off and made his model and just turned up with it last week. When he first visited, VSA Gary spent ages talking to him about battles and warfare and found that his knowledge for such a young boy (7 years old) was impressive. We accepted his wonderful model and put it on display in the same case as the Waterloo medal.”

Mum Michelle added “Thank you for accepting my son’s model of Charles Ewart. I've never seen him so happy!!” 


You can see Euan’s model at the castle until 17 April when the exhibition closes. Daily 11am – 5pm.