Get Involved with East Ayrshire’s Museums

East Ayrshire Leisure would like to invite residents to get involved in East Ayrshire Council’s £5.2M restoration and refurbishment of Dean Castle project. East Ayrshire Leisure is keen for as many people as possible to get involved with this project as well as across our wider museum network. In the first instance we are looking for people becoming involved in two areas:

The Dean Castle Focus Group

As part of the early stages of this project, a small number of people formed a Focus Group to test ideas and to make sure that the castle’s development proposals would help create a facility that would be open and accessible. Funding has now been secured from HLF and Historic Scotland and the next phase is looking to expand this focus group. If interested, you would be invited to approximately six focus group sessions spread over the life of the 3 year project. This group will help the project team refine plans and test ideas and will have a direct impact on the completed project.

Museums Friends Group

Alongside the focus group, East Ayrshire Leisure is also looking to start a Museums Friends group that can get more involved in the our high profile work that we carry out across all our museums, including the Dick Institute, Dean Castle, Burns House Museum and Library and Baird Institute. It is envisaged that this group would meet four times each year and could support our work in a wide range of ways covering all aspects of our museums. Linked to several of our projects is the opportunity to volunteer and to learn new skills.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact and let him know what group you would like to be a part of. You will then be sent further details and an invitation to attend the group meetings.