Former Employee to Represent East Ayrshire in the GSR

A Patna grandmother who had hung up her running shoes is getting back to fitness for this year’s Great Scottish Run.

Former employee Rose Macgregor, who worked at Doon Valley Leisure Centre as a lifeguard and also as a nursery worker, gave up the sport in 2009 after her husband Malcolm was hit by car and suffered brain damage which he has never recovered from.

Malcolm and Rose’s daughter, Sharon, had been involved in an accident and her father went to collect her car, but was knocked down himself.

He needs full-time care and Rose gave up her jobs – and her running – to look after him.

Rose, 59, recalled the day that changed her family’s life completely. She said: “Sharon just wanted him to get her things out of the car before they took it in for repair, so I was expecting him back to let me go and see my daughter, because she was in Ayr hospital with kidney damage” she said.

“The next thing I knew, it was 11pm and two policemen turned up to tell me about my husband – I went into total shock.”

Now, though, the family have a support worker and Rose has taken up her favourite sport once again after as she tackles October’s Great Scottish Run as part of the Bank of Scotland Community Challenge.

Rose added: “I used to cry a lot, but when I’m out running everything comes out, it’s a big relief, especially in the fresh air.

“Your mind can wander, but then you focus on the running and that takes your mind off everything else.”

Rose will represent East Ayrshire in the community challenge that aims to get Scotland active.

“Before the accident, I was enjoying my life and I was very fit, then all my fitness went, I put a lot of weight on and I haven’t been able to release the stress, but this is helping me,” she added.

“I feel normal again, before I felt alienated from everything and I never mixed with anyone.

“I feel great and this is me living again – I feel like I’m living again, and I wasn’t living the past eight years, I was just existing.”

Bank of Scotland is supporting runners from communities across Scotland on their 10 weeks to a 10k challenge for the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run Community Challenge. For more information, visit

Good Luck Rose!! We'll be rooting for you


former employee of East Ayrshire Leisure