Curators Contribute to V&A Exhibition

East Ayrshire Leisure Curators Contribute to V&A Exhibition

A 180-year-old Ayrshire christening robe has been carefully cleaned by textile conservation experts before going on display in the brand new V&A's Scottish Design Galleries.

East Ayrshire Leisure curators Linda Fairlie and Bruce Morgan were invited to attend the opening event in Dundee after working alongside the V&A to help make this happen.

Due to their many years combined experience working with Ayrshire Embroidery, Linda and Bruce were invited to the V&A in London to advise the curatorial team on selecting the best example of Ayrshire Embroidery from their collections. A christening robe thought to be from the 1840s was chosen for display in the Scottish Design Galleries in Dundee.

Although in good condition, the christening robe had become yellowed after being in storage for 50 years, so it underwent a thorough cleaning process by textile conservationists. You can read more about this delicate process at the link below.

The intricate robe also appears in a beautiful new V&A publication the "Scottish Design Book" alongside an article contributed by East Ayrshire Leisure’s curators.

Linda who was presented with a copy, said of the book "It’s quite beautiful We were delighted to see that MYB features on the front and back covers. Great for Ayrshire!"

Visit the V&A website to read about the delicate cleaning process - "Hand wash only: caring for Ayrshire Needlework"

Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London