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Cultural Kilmarnock Project

Cultural Kilmarnock is an extensive project that involves an area to the east of the town centre and includes culturally significant buildings including the Palace Theatre, Grand Hall and the Dick Institute. The project was awarded £20m from the UK Government's Levelling Up Fund.

This short video shows the latest plans and you can see more details on the vision for the project here 

The design of a ‘Cultural Park’ that creates green corridors and active travel routes between these key heritage assets and the town centre will provide increased opportunities for outdoor performances and events. The project also includes major reimagining of the Palace Theatre and Grand Hall to create a regional concert hall and theatre with extensive improvements to the accessibility and energy efficiency. The Palace Theatre & Grand Hall will close in Jan 2024 to allow works to commence and we will provide updates throughout the project here. 

The exciting and ambitious project also promises to assist in increased employment and training opportunities within the creative industries, will contribute to local economy through high-profile programming attracting people from out with Kilmarnock and will develop wellbeing initiatives through community engagement and participation in programmes and activities, including the creation of a Young People’s Theatre.  

This project is being developed in partnership with East Ayrshire Council  and will link into the Kilmarnock Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework developed under the East Ayrshire Local Development Plan 2. A stakeholder group will be established early in 2024 and will be involved throughout the design process

The Levelling Up Fund provides £800 million for capital investment for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that local authorities can bid for. Cultural Kilmarnock is one of only 10 projects in Scotland to secure money from this second round on the Levelling up Fund.

Read the Stage 2 Development Report here 

The Levelling Up Funding Application can be viewed here