Dean Castle Restoration - Door to Door Survey

With work soon to begin in earnest on the restoration and modernisation of Dean Castle, researchers working on behalf of East Ayrshire Leisure will soon be embarking on a large-scale baseline survey of people in the local community to gather their existing views of Dean Castle and information about what is important to them in a leisure visit. This is an important part of the extensive community engagement that is an integral part of the project and will be of particular value in allowing us to gauge the difference the project makes (which we will be required to report to funders).


The interviewing is being carried out on a door-to-door basis by IBP Strategy & Research. They will be interviewing over an approximate 4-week period from 12th November onwards with coverage across wards 2 (Kilmarnock North), 3 (Kilmarnock West and Crosshouse),  4 (Kilmarnock East and Hurlford) and 5 (Kilmarnock South) as well as some areas of Ward 1 (Annick) and Ward 6 (Irvine Valley) which are closest to the Castle. The sample of interviews will be boosted in the most deprived data zones as part of our strategy of making this project as inclusive as possible.


IBP interviewers will wear ID cards and will interview people only with their express agreement, with the interview lasting approximately 5-10 minutes. They will not be asking for financial or other sensitive information other than some basic profiling questions (and respondents will be free not to answer such questions).


Whilst it is unlikely that any significant concerns would be raised about this process, should you or any member of the public have such concerns, or wish to check the researcher’s bona fides then please feel free to contact myself directly on 01563 554330 or you can also contact IBP directly (contact details are: Jason Brown,, 01698 532021).