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East Ayrshire Draft Recreation Plan 2021-2024

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 requires that each local authority prepare a Core Paths Plan. Core Paths are recreation and travel routes which allow the public "reasonable access" throughout each local authority area. The plan must be publicised for people to view, providing information about routes that exist but might not be known to everyone.

East Ayrshire Leisure and East Ayrshire Council's Planning and Economic Development Department have agreed that there has been significant changes in land use and route diversions which merit a review of the East Ayrshire Core Path Plan.

After reviewing the 2006 Core Path Plan, the proposal is to change the approach and to produce a guide to the outdoors in the form of a Recreation Plan, which will be presented in a more user friendly format.

It is also recognised that there are currently significant path projects being developed by East Ayrshire Leisure, Ayrshire Roads Alliance and community groups that could contribute to the Recreation Plan. Therefore, the intention is to review the plan on a 3 year rolling basis to enable new developments to be included at regular intervals and to keep the plan up to date and relevant.


A draft East Ayrshire Recreation Plan 2021-2024 for consultation with local communities, landowners and stakeholders was approved by the East Ayrshire Council on 9 December 2020 and was available for consultation until Monday 12th April. 

The draft East Ayrshire Recreation Plan 2021 can be still be viewed below. Any changes or updates from the consultation will be considered and an updated plan made available in due course. 

View the draft Recreation Plan